If your native language is not Hungarian, and you need to polish your Excel skills, you might have found that there are not too many Excel courses in Hungary being held in English. I offer you the following:

  • Personalized Excel training in English, fit for your own needs: in contrary to the organized courses, the training will be tailor-made exactly to your current level and will focus on your area of interest
  • Available online: you don’t need to travel anywhere, the training is available in your convenient chair at home. With the help of Skype and screen-sharing both of us see the same Excel screen. All you need is a laptop or desktop with proper internet connection.
  • Flexible timing: the course can be made in a mutually agreed date and time, usually in the afternoon or even on the weekends.
  • No need to sign up for several occasions: you don’t need to tell in advance how many training hours you need – you pay only for those hours that were held.
  • Instant practice: since you are using your own computer, you are familiar with the environment, no time is wasted to get used to it. Even more important: you can test what you’ve just learnt at once in this live environment. Quite a benefit in contrary to watching a presentation projected to the screen!
  • Dedicated, own training material: instead of using standard excercises, we can use your very own Excel files to work with: during the lesson we can fine-tune it, so as you learn the techniques those will be instantly applied to your daily work.

You can contact me on info[@]exceltrening[.]hu or via phone: +36 20 241 5199. The prices and conditions are available here.